3 Key Ideas to Start Your Own Business and Gain an Unfair Advantage From Day One

Ready to start your own business and make it a roaring success? Wonderful! When you can face the challenge with optimism and attitude, you’re on solid ground.

If you’re fired-up and enthusiastic, you’re much more likely to take the necessary actions that will point your new enterprise in the right direction. Of course you’ll need much more the right mindset. So, what I’m going to share in this article are 3 important concepts that will help any new business make steady progress from day one.

1. Seek Out A Hungry Market First

Many people get it all wrong. They see a product or line they like figure they could sell it as well as anyone, so why not start a business and make money with something they like? Others spend years working on an invention, or some kind of creative work like a book. After they complete it, the marketing begins. But all too often these folks discover that the market just isn’t there.

But this scenario is completely avoidable.

The simple solution is to find a “hungry” market first. See first… find it… and then create what this market wants.

2. People Buy Perceived Solutions To Problems

Study any market and look at what ails people most. What is the unmet want or need? Can you pinpoint it? What one thing would the majority in this group most like to have?

The best place to begin is to look for problems. Problems weigh us down. But problems experienced by a large number of people also mean the opportunity is there to solve it — and solve it you will when you start your own business based on your findings.

What others want may not necessarily be a solution to a problem, but it needs to get them closer to their goal. When people get an internal feeling that your product or service will help them get to the next level in their lives, they’re ready to buy.

3. People Respond According To Their Own Self Interest

It’s very important that you recognize this. Nobody gives a fig about your business start up. I know that sounds harsh. After all, when you start your own business, it becomes your baby. But the truth is people are mostly focused on their own self-interest.

What you want to do when you start your own business is enter the conversation that’s already going on in your prospective customers’ mind. Communicate what’s most important to your market and you’ll gain a receptive and responsive ear. You’ll connect with others when you understand their pain, their problem and their predicament.